things that interviewer should have asked harry about:

-how often does he wash his hair
-is nemma gonna happen
-how hard did his dick get when the 1975 covered 1d
-does louis smell as good as he looks
-what’s the deal with the ripped jeans man come on
-highest heels he owns
-when is 1d gonna wear those power ranger costumes
-where did u get those yellow swim trunks bc heyoooo

get shit done | a playlist to get you through your work (and help you feel like a badass)

i. sky battle ii. prologue iii. pacific rim iv. armies assemble v. hogwarts’ march vi. ithe son of flynn vii. fight on the flight deck viii. earth ix dream is collapsing x. nick fury xi. i am the doctor xii. fighting in the market xiii. main theme (extended) xiv. gotham’s reckoning xv. the black pearl xvi. courtyard apocalypse xvii. i am iron man xviii. muttations xix. the lighting of the beacons xx. black widow kicks ass xxi. flight xxii. the avengers xxiii. the battle xxiv.end titles xxv. sons of odin xxvi.the shatterdome xxvii.the end of all things xxviii. hassansin attack xxix. requiem for a dream xxx. welcome to scotland xxxi. outlands xxxii. sledgehammer v2 xxxiii. enterprising young men xxxiv. warriors on the beach xxxv. rise xxxvi. the council of elrond xxxvii. now you see me xxxviii. frost giant battle xxxix. the labyrinth xl. the sands of time



harry with a cold is my favourite

so young to be fighting so many

We’re just a bunch of teenagers. We can’t handle this.